Earn Points - "The Currency of Kids"

Remember the good'ol days winning tickets to cash in for prizes at your favorite arcade or amusement park. Our points system is like tickets, but you determine the value of each point.

  • Point tracker for each user
  • Add / remove points freely
  • Include custom messages when awarding points
  • Users can redeem rewards with points

Set Challenges and Track Progress

Kid’s are constantly asking their parents for things. But instead of just saying yes or no, parents can create challenges around the things their kids are asking for.

They’ll be able to access their challenges on any device and feel a sense of accomplishment when they receive their reward!

  • Group challenges into General, Mental, Spiritual, or Physical categories
  • Progress tracker/indicator on challenges
  • Once, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly challenges
  • Earn points for completing challenges

Offer Gift Cards for Rewards

Rewards are the prize part of the good'ol days at your favorite arcade or amusement park. Rewards or incentives create motivation and focus to get things done and improve our abilities.

  • Create general rewards or rewards for a specific user
  • Set points required for redemption
  • Gift cards with major retailers such as iTunes, Nike, BestBuy, Google Play, Amazon and many more
  • Miscellaneous rewards for redemption outside of the Striide application
  • Chat with users or record the experience through Posts in Striide

Stay Connected through Chat

The number of interactions between parents and children have diminished over the years because of digital devices.

So we’ve decided to meet the kids where they are and create a fun way to interact with them more frequently.

  • General chat room + @mentions
  • Private direct messages
  • Reply to old messages that you migh have missed
  • High-fives, Emojis and GIFs