Learning the Fundamentals

These quick tutorials will help you understand the core functionality of Striide.

How to set up and manage users

  1. #1 Tap and highlight a user
  2. #2 Select the settings icon to edit the selected users settings. When a user is selected, administrators can also view other users challenges, rewards, etc.
  3. #3 Set users (such as a spouse) as administrators
  4. #4 Add more users to your account
  5. #5 Save the selected users settings

How to use Striide's points system."

  1. #1 Tap and highlight the user
  2. #2 Select the orange points button. For administrators, this is how you give out points freely. For a regular user, they can request points or share points with other users.
  3. #3 Enter the number of points you wish to give, request, or share. Remove button is optional if you wish to remove the points.
  4. #4 Include a message of praise to be sent with the points.
  5. #5 Send the points to the user

How to set up rewards with gift cards

  1. #1 Select the Reward settings icon to enable gift cards
  2. #2 Select the wallet icon to store your payment information for future use.
  3. #3 Enter a valid credit card.
  4. #4 Include correct billing information for the credit card.
  5. #5 Save the credit card. At this point, nothing is charged to the credit card.
  6. #6 Use the "Deposit Funds" button to add to your account balance for gift cards. This will charge the credit card on file.
  7. #7 Enable the gift cards you want available for rewards.
  8. #8 Manually select each card you want enabled. At this point you agree to the terms of use for each gift card.

Set up challenges

  1. #1 Create new challenges for users.
  2. #2 Categorize challenges as General, Mental, Physical, or Spiritual.
  3. #3 If you need a challenge to be recurring, set the frequency to daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.
  4. #4 Give points for completing a challenge.
  5. #5 Set the percentage of the objectives to be completed to earn the points possible.
  6. #6 Save the challenge.
  7. #7 After the challenge is created, swipe left to complete or delete challenges.

Use Chat to stay connected and have fun

  1. #1 Use the direct message menu to communicate 1-on-1 with another user.
  2. #2 Other forms of messaging.
  3. #3 Use animated gifs or upload images as messages.
  4. #4 Select a message to view options.
  5. #5 Reply to a specific message or high five someone for something they said.